The Southside is first and foremost a neighborhood.  Over half the residents of the city of Corning reside on the hill where the earliest homes in Corning were built overlooking the city below.



    The main forms of architecture on the Southside are Greek Revival, Queen Anne Victorian, and Second Empire.  Many other styles are present with older homes generally on the lower streets (1860’s) while younger homes are higher up the hill (1890’s and later).  Find out more about the architecture of the Southside here.


    Residents of the Southside value the historic homes, quiet streets, and friendly neighbors.  It is a neighborhood where most neighbors know each other by name and it is not unusual to find residents who still live in the house they were born in.    The Southside neighborhood plays a deep role in the lives and works of some of the cities most famous and historic citizens, architecture, and tradition.  Find out more about the lives and achievements of Corning’s present and past citizens.


    The Southside’s residents have always played a major role in weaving the rich history of Corning and its glassworks and many of the great glassmakers called the Southside their home.  They still do.

    The Southside Neighborhood Association seeks to support and enhance the community by celebrating and sharing the history and heritage of the Southside and Corning, and through preservation of historically significant artifacts and architecture.  For a list of projects the Southside Neighborhood Association has participated in, click here.

Life on the Southside

    Life on the Southside is heavily influenced by the geography of the hill itself, rising steeply from first street to the top of sixth street.  The breaking of Spring is followed by a mild Summer with low humidity and gorgeous Fall colors as the old growth trees that line the streets show their colors before hibernating through the Winter.  Find out more about life on the Southside here.